“As an ED sub-contractor since October 2011, Core has produced exceptional results and has become the sub-contractor of choice.   Core’s ability to deliver results while maintaining client integrity makes them a great partner. “   

Core Recoveries utilizes advanced data metrics to develop confidential scoring models, customized by industry and portfolio type. We apply these models to each customer portfolio so we can customize highly effective targeted collection techniques that will maximize client profitability.

We have developed the Core Data System ™, a sophisticated SQL database that allows users to access datasets to find unique correlations that enhance the asset recovery process.

Additionally, we work as a partner with our clients by building value-added reports so our clients can identify trends in their portfolio before being assigned to a collection agency, which allows them to build processes to decrease account delinquencies and defaults.

Core Recoveries specializes in improving cash flows for our clients.  We are focused on client service; each client has a designated client representative that is available by cell phone 24/7.


Core Recoveries specializes in

  • Healthcare
  • Credit cards
  • Education-related receivables
  • Student loans collections
  • Property management
  • Business receivables
  • Financial literacy


Core Recoveries and their team have performed third-party collections for many clients, including:

  • Account Control Technology
  • Action Financial Services
  • West Asset Management
  • Optimal Radiology
  • Aris Radiology
  • Vedere Capital Management
  • Wolverine World Wide
  • ATA College
  • Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority
  • Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan Corporation
  • Alabama Higher Education Loan Corporation
  • Access Group
  • Presbyterian Church USA
  • University of Louisville