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“Leadership starts with the floor”

Core maintains a work environment where our employees feel enriched by their work atmosphere.  Talented individuals can choose where they want to work.  We have built a corporate culture where talented people have a sense of teamwork, cohesiveness and family. We encourage “entrepreneurship”; a sense of ownership in progressive ideas and processes. Employees are empowered to implement their great ideas and are awarded for their successes.

Client Integrity is important to everyone on our team. Core focuses on Client Integrity through professional collection methods and a desire to meet our client’s needs. We maintain best in class processes to ensure borrowers are treated with professionalism and respect.

Our culture is successful because we maintain well defined parameters, structure and order; a culture of compliance. The environment is competitive, professional creative and focused on goal achievement.

We embrace diversity, and hire only the most talented individuals.  We recognize the importance of bringing people together from different backgrounds to create a community of individuals who can use their similarities and differences to create synergy. We have a wide range of recruitment sources and hire the best person for the job regardless of race, gender or religious background.  Accordingly, the Core Recoveries family is diverse, in every sense of the word.

Our employees enjoy working at Core Recoveries, and we are able to recruit the most talented people in our marketplace, because people genuinely want to work at Core.

A few quotes from our employees:

  • “It’s fulfilling working with our Core team because our environment fosters integrity, hard work and enthusiasm” –Elizabeth Lambright
  • “When you’re hired by a company who then says “welcome home” you can imagine what the work atmosphere is like” –Katie Morison
  • “Core Recoveries; Success and Encouragement comes from great leadership, and pride in our accomplishments as a team. As well as a toy potato which we pass around that Toots.”- Ben King
  • “Failure is not an option here at Core.   Commitment-Overcome-Recover and Excellence.” Ray Ramos